Tourism Congress Elects New Board

The Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP), the private sector consultative body which assists the government in the development and implementation of Tourism policies, recently elected a new Board of Trustees which will serve until 2022.

Tourism Congress Elects New Board

The newly installed officers are:  Jose Clemente III, President; Lucas Nunag, Executive Vice-President; Albert Banaag, Vice-President for Luzon; Peter Tay, Vice-President for Visayas; Harry Morris, Vice-President for Mindanao; Orlando Ballesteros, Secretary; Marisa Nallana, Treasurer; and Bob Zozobrado, Public Relations Officer.

The other Trustees are Victor Martinez, Edgar Cases, Henry Oyao, Cindy Marie Verar, and Regina Amador.

Serving as the voice of the Tourism Industry on matters of national interest, particularly those affecting the private sector, the TCP is composed of representatives of tourism enterprises all over the country, including former Secretaries of Tourism. 

It is also responsible for developing a strong and an institutionalized partnership between the government, through the Department of Tourism, and the private sector.

The Board of Trustees has equal representations from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in each of the following sectors: Accommodation enterprises, travel and tour services, land, air and sea tourist transport services, conventions and exhibitions services and suppliers, tourism estate development and management services, and other accredited tourism enterprises.

The new members of the Board hit the ground running as they immediately met to discuss their plan of action for the next two years, aware that they are faced with the urgent and serious task of overcoming the effects of the pandemic on the country’s Tourism Industry and the economic impact on its stakeholders.

Owners and officers of Tourism enterprises all over the country are encouraged to join the TCP and get involved, through established channels, in the formulation and development of strategies that will ensure sustainability of the Tourism Industry. 

Information on membership to the TCP is available at the Secretariat through 09178909921 care of Ched Maglinte or through or

Tourism Congress Elects New Board